The METU-EPE Refresher Course

1. Who can I contact for more detailed information?
The Registration Office:
School of Foreign Languages
Department of Basic English
A Building
Phone: (312) 210 3989 / Ext. 0


2. What is the aim of this course?
This course has been designed towards enbling newly admitted students to be exempt from the English Preparatory Program of the Department of Basic English.
Those who wish to be exempted from the first semester English course, ENG 101, can also refresh their language skills by attending this course.


3. How much English should I know to be able to follow the program ?
Your English level should be high enough to score at least 45-50% on METU-EPE (IBT: 50-55; IELTS: 4.5-5).


4. What documents are needed to register for the courses?
Your on-line registration number
1 photograph
The bank receipt


5. Which bank and bank account can I make my payments to?
Akbank METU branch
IBAN no: TR93 0004 6006 5688 8000 0560 70


6. Which textbooks are used in the courses?
All the course materials have been prepared in-house and are geared towards METU-EPE.


7. Who teaches this course?
The courses are taught by instructors of the Department of Basic English and the Department of Modern languages, Middle East Technical University.

8. Where are the courses held?
The courses are held on the Middle East Technical University campus, in the the buildings of the Department of Basic English.

9. How many students are there in each class?
The number of students per class ranges between 14 - 16.