The aim of this study was to examine student perceptions and experiences regarding various aspects of the Middle East Technical University (METU) new English Profiency Exam (EPE). To this end, the study aimed to answer the following research questions:

1) What are the perceptions of freshman students about the new English Proficiency Exam (EPE) in terms of

a) the difficulty level of the components of EPE;

b) the factors underlying their success and/or failure in responding to the items in EPE;

c) the time allowed to respond to the items in EPE;

d) the length of each component in EPE; and

e) their belief in the reliability and validity of EPE?

2) Do freshman students experience problems in understanding the English-medium instruction in their departmental courses?If so,

a) in which areas they experience difficulty?

b) what could be the possible underlying reasons of the difficulties they experience in the speaking in class?

A report was prepared on the findings and these were also presented on May 23,2013.

The Presentation Slides

The Report