Present figures concerning the departments of the SFL are as follows:

Department of Basic English

Department of Modern Languages

Student Numbers (annual)

Student Numbers (per semester)

2.600 - 2.700

 3.000 (English)


1.100 - 1.200 (Other Languages)

Revolving Funds Courses for the Public






Yearly Total 4.100 - 4.200

Semester Total 4.100 - 4.200



Number of Instructors

Number of Instructors

190 – 200

70 (English)


10 -12 (Other languages)

As can be seen, the SFL Departments serve around 12,000 students yearly, and the total number of instructors reaches 300.





Department of Basic English

Department of Modern Languages



A, B, C, D, E, F & G Buildings;

Faculty of Arts and Sciences
(former Biology Department) 1st floor


MM Building 4th floor

* The construction of F & G buildings, which were to replace the barracks, was completed in 2008. 

In coordination with the SFL, the Departments assess their programs in intervals of 2-3 years, carry out joint projects with the Foreign Language Education and Educational Sciences Departments of the Faculty of Education, and a number of SFL instructors submit theses and prepare reports in this respect.


The production of coursebooks and materials continues increasingly. Nearly 100% of the course material used by the Department of Modern Languages is home-prepared. This percentage is around 50% at the Department of Basic English. Some materials prepared by the Department of Basic English (e.g. the Reader at Work series) are being used throughout the country.


One of the most significant activities conducted is the In-Service Teacher Development program. The SFL Teacher Education Unit provides training to the newly-hired instructors during their first year in their Departments, and those who are successful are granted a certificate and become entitled to permanent employment.


Prepared by: Prof. Dr. Hüsnü ENGİNARLAR

Interviewees: Prof. Dr. Ayten BEAR, Doç. Dr. Joshua BEAR, Öğr. Gör. Nevin İNAL, Öğr. Gör. Naz DİNO