Mission Statement


The mission of the School of Foreign Languages (SFL) is to provide the students studying at METU with English language education at international standards by coordinating and monitoring the academic work in its departments, namely DBE (Department of Basic English) and DML (Department of Modern Languages). The main goal of the SFL is to enable the students at METU, an English-medium university, to follow their departmental courses, to access and effectively use all kinds of resources related to their academic studies and to use English in their professional lives by communicating in written and oral contexts. The SFL also aims at equipping each METU student with language skills that will enable him/her to carry out similar tasks in other foreign languages. While achieving these aims, the SFL seeks to educate its students in such a manner that they become constructive, creative, knowledgeable, intellectual individuals who are open to new ideas and aware of ethical and cultural values.


SFL, additionally, contributes to the quality of English teaching and learning in the whole country by offering language courses of high standards to the community.