SFL will continue, as set forth in its mission statement, and with improved services at higher standards both in quality and in quantity, to fulfill its duties of maintaining support for English as the medium of instruction at METU, advancing the proficiency levels of METU students in English and in other foreign languages, and contributing to language education in the community, and thus remain an indispensable part of the instruction at METU.


During this process:

·  the SFL administration will promote the presence of SFL in the university governance and publicity network by creating a more effective administration, in a new building separate from the DML and DBE.

·   SFL will guide both departments in establishing highly-developed organisational structures, which are independent of individual managerial styles, and which enable open communication and sound decision-making processes.

·   efforts will steadily continue to increase the quality of education, to maintain the continuity and encourage the improvement of the thorough teacher hiring procedures in the Departments, to increase in-service training opportunities, to promote innovations in language teaching and learning as part of the curriculum and testing systems.

·   SFL will offer package language education programs, education programmes for language teachers and teacher educators, language tests, including electronic versions of these tests, and its own language teaching books and material to the state sector, private sector and individuals.

·  using the financial resources that it generates and the resources from the state budget and other resources, the SFL administration will have improved the physical conditions of both departments and provided a better work environment for its academic and other staff, and thus improved performance.